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There is something about the new Mercedes C63 - something special. We don't want to be overly presumptuous, but judging from reactions to the C63, as well as our own tire shredding impressions, this might just be an icon in the making.

Undoubtedly, the C63 looks the part of a classic in the making. While Mercedes has slowly and very subtly been face-lifting its models, the C-Class has received a complete overhaul. Starting with a base that is easily the best-looking (and most revolutionary) Mercedes design since the CLS, AMG has created a performance variant that certainly looks like a German sedan with a ferocious 6.2-liter engine. For starters, there/s the hood. The massive "power domes" would look bizarre on any other vehicle, but on the C63 they mesh perfectly. The car also gets a bold new front end that looks like it has all the aerodynamic efficiency of a brick wall (even though it has a relatively decent .30 drag coefficient). On top of that, the front fenders are larger than the standard C-Class to accommodate the 1.4-inch wider front track.

What makes this design truly special, however, is how it caters to the perceived audience. It would seem that Mercedes isn’t looking to attract Mercedes owners with this new body, (or with the car's suspension for that matter), but rather to woo younger buyers away from the competition.

The C63 has just a touch of boy-racer appeal to it – and not in a bad way either. It's a perfect middle-ground between Audi’s RS4, which is dripping with tuner-car machismo, and BMW’s M3, which is entirely too civilized looking.

And to drive-home just how different this AMG is from the rest of the Mercedes line, take a look at those wheels. Brilliant! The 18-inchers are muscular and sporty and deliver the sort of look people normally go to the aftermarket for.

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