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2009 transmission

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I am considering buying a 2009 E350. I ran a VIN check and it shows that it has a 5 speed. I was reading another thread about someone running a VIN check on a 2009 E350 and it said he had a 7 speed. Were both of these transmissions offered in the same models? I read that the 7 speed has the shifting problems. Is the 5 speed also troublesome?

I am in US (Michigan). Does it have to do with the difference between 211 and 212?

Thanks for any info and advice.
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“All rear-wheel-drive E-Class models come with a seven-speed automatic transmission, while the 4Matic models use a five-speed automatic.” - per 2009 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Review & Ratings | Edmunds
Thanks, BoatWaco. I found the info late last night watching an FCP Euro video about the E-series.
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