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I have 2016 GLE350 w/Normal Halogen Headlight.
I'm trying to convert Headlight system with Genuine LED Headlight..
I don't mind Intelligent Headlight system doesn't works, I just want LED low and high beam, day light, turn signal works..
A set of LED headlight with ballast cost me $3500. I order this because wiring plug behind the Halogen headlight and LED headlight was same, so I thought it's going to be plug and play..
Now, finally I take the bumper out and take the Halogen Headlight, switch to LED Headlight.. and It's not working, just LED daylight works.. hmm..
So,,, I compare plug between Halogen and LED headlight. Plug looks same but number of wire was different.
and Now I'm thinking, number of wire is different it's because intelligent head light system..

Here is my question before I return LED Headlight to seller..
If I purchase Wiring Plug for LED Headlight that from vehicle(not behind the headlight), is it possible to switch around wires to make this work? I just need ( Low,High beam and Daylight, Turn signal) working..
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