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The GLE Coupe is a completely new entry into Mercedes-Benz’ rapidly expanding SUV lineup, but it’ll have you thinking 'Don’t I know you from somewhere?'

A four-door coupe version of the new GLE-Class (formerly the M-Class), it comes to market with impressive new powertrains and is all wrapped up in a package that’s eerily familiar. That’s because one look across the street at BMW’s offerings and you’ll perform a double-take upon glancing at the X6.

Both the X6 and GLE-Class Coupe feature a fashion-forward design that compromises rearward visibility but delivers a modern coupe-like profile.

While the X6 has been on sale since 2009 and has been without a direct rival since then, the Benz does have an advantage by virtue of being a brand new vehicle, arriving with advanced technologies, potent powerplants and a ton of customizable features.
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