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On the eve of the Geneva motor show, Mercedes announced changes for the new version of the GLC crossover. In fact, the model received a classic restyling with an updated design, and a slightly modified motor line.

According to our personal feelings, restyling Mercedes-Benz GLC-Class 2020 was completely passable. Any "global" changes, or special "chips" we have not noticed. Quite ordinary processing of bumpers, a radiator grille, and also drawing of a forward optics. But the rear lights are now made in the style of the new GLE, instead of the usual C-Class.

The interior has several obvious improvements. Here almost everything repeats the interior of the updated C-class, including a new steering wheel, new digital controls, including touch panels, as well as proprietary multimedia MBUX, but different from the usual us with two displays. Instead, the crossover got one big screen at 10.25 inches, standing alone. In the decoration appeared natural veneer of Gray Oak and Walnut.

The most important update was the modified motor line. Some engines have become a little more powerful (10-15 HP), and a new line of 2.0-liter turbodiesel. It will be used in versions GLC 200d (163 HP), GLC 220d (194 HP) and GLC 300d (245 HP).

It's amazing how, for example, the Mercedes-AMG GLC 43 crossover is emotionally far from the related sedan with the 43. It seems to be one platform, a similar aggregate base, a common motor — and the product is different. Sense of speed, sharpness and stiffness got enough for a sports car. And GLC 43 is not brutal: it's just high-spirited and good management. Now let's go up the AMG-ladder to the conditional 20 steps, to the top: will one of the fastest crossovers of the planet GLC 63 be close in spirit to a relative-rebel C 63?

One of the world's most dynamic crossovers has to be wild. But here only the power unit is mad. It's nice that the chassis is not clamped, like AMG-sedans. And most importantly, the opening — cool is configured to connect a full drive 4Matic+ sedan E 63.

If you dismiss the optional exhaust button, the engine is threshing loudly at idle. And hit the gas on the spot — dry bark. Who, if not the crazy guys from AMG, can shove the V8 in a relatively compact crossover? Moreover, the GLC 63, fortunately for the future owners, has all the chances to remain single proposal of this kind.
Interior differences from the usual GLC are minimal, even the joystick transmission control, unlike the GLA 45, did not transfer to the Central tunnel. "In the database" GLC 63 is cut on a chord of the wheel, insert a aluminum pedal pads, front and door panels in leather.

At close in power alpha Stelvio Quadrifoglio - two cylinders less, as expected by the end of the decade X3 / X4. Yes, under the hood GLC is not the legendary "atmospherics" M156 or the fierce supercharged M157 from the big crossovers. Yes, volume- "only" four liters. Nevertheless, this "eight". With two turbochargers in the collapse of the block and a violent temperament.

Standard chairs (pictured) are more tenacious than civil GLC. For 183 thousands of affordable sports AMG-buckets like "sixty-third" class. Substrate devices-with the traditional "carbon fiber" pattern.

If the M177 engine from the C 63, the transmission with a nine-box AMG Speedshift MCT and 4Matic all-wheel drive+ can be connected via the clutch with the front end — as in E 63. Standard power-476 HP, and I got the version s develops the same 510 forces as the Stelvio. I look at the oil tubes wrapped with thermal insulation, I remember the infamous BMW N63/S63 engines-how long will all this live in real life? But, hell, while the engine is working and the box is not overheated, GLC 63 breaks the usual concepts of crossover dynamics and almost destroys the AMG-subordination itself.

Think about it: dry land GLC 63 s is able to gain 100 km / h for 3.8 seconds! And with 63 S, and coupe AMG GT a couple of tenths slower. The Stelvio passport stamped the same values, and a little smarter than just a monster Grand Cherokee Trackhawk capacity of 717 forces. But the declared numbers are only half the battle. The power of four-wheel drive is best felt in wet weather, as it is now under Stuttgart. I turn on the Sport+ mode, rest my left foot on the brake, flop on the accelerator-and GLC squats. Raindrops on the body - like goosebumps from the voltage in the transmission. Release the brake. After a light slip with a minimum withdrawal to the side should jump, followed by a soft blow to the shoulder blades.

Even in Comfort mode, the nine-speed gearbox switches at lightning speed and resembles a "robot" with two clutches. Sports algorithms make the reaction to gas sharper.

A moment, another blow. First gear goes by so fast that you barely have time to realize what was happening. With the box, where the torque Converter is replaced by a package of wet frictions, even a quiet start is special. No friend in the classic "automatic" swimming speed, the clearer the connection at the pedal. Under the load, the bass release on the bottoms turns into a roar closer to the red zone of the tachometer. But the sound is muffled, because the whole cabin is carefully wrapped with effective sound insulation. Despite the power of drama is not enough, the true speed unlike C 63 know the speedometer.

The control buttons for the gearbox, suspension and optional release modes are located on the centre console. In GLC 63 s added the most aggressive Race mode, in which the stabilization system weakens the grip.

Chassis — a hodgepodge of solutions used in 43 and GLC sedan E 63. The track is even wider than the standard crossover, reinforced wheel bearings. All rear levers have become aluminum, and the settings of the three-chamber pneumatic adapted to the increased weight. It is curious that the allowable traffic speeds, the nature of the GLC 63 does not differ almost from "forty-third". Also, there is no anger and intensity in response to the steering characteristicElectric power steering provides good communication. The only new touch-permanent itching on the steering wheel, regardless of the chassis mode. In this small vibration is identified with a 63. On the circle, however, is not brutal.

Rake at GLC 63 shorter than the standard two-plus turnover steering from lock to lock. At the same time, it has progressive cutting of teeth, and the first response to the deviation of the steering wheel is devoid of nervousness. Four-wheel drive with clutch made the GLC nimbler under thrust. Drift mode, like E 63 S, is not here.
In" Comfort " crossover, perhaps even boring for AMG-machines. "Pneumonia" shakes on the waves, in detail, but without pain, reads irregularities and does not kick on the hatches. Even banks are. In" Sport " GLC is selected, responses become more accurate, while not rougher. Nice handling, but where's the highlight? Responsible for it 4Matic+ c electronically. How nice that it's wet today! Added gas on the arc-the car slides effortlessly stern. There is no hint of demolition, characteristic of permanent four-wheel drive. Setting in the spirit of BMW and Porsche clings to the soul. In winter, with such a car will be a lot of fun.
The AMG Driver's Package option increases the maximum speed of the s version to 280 km/h, the usual GLC 63 — to 270. Stelvio Quadrifoglio gaining 283 km/h. In the range 60-160 km/h when the driver takes his foot off the gas pedal, the gearbox disconnects the engine and transmission to coast down.
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