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So I am a relatively new MB owner, and brand new to the forum, but I wanted to share my impressions of the GLC 300. My own car is a 2011 GLK 350, and while I wish it got better mileage, that is really my only complaint. It's a brilliant car.
But, while I had the car in the shop for maintenance and repairs (replace new windshield, etc) I was given a loaner car from the dealership to drive. It was a 2022 GLC 300. There were good things and bad things about wasn't a BAD car, but my old 2011 model left it fairly far back in the dust, IMO.
The first thing I noticed when I got in the car for the first time was that I felt like I was sitting in coach class. The cockpit was small and tight, with little leg room. I'm an average sized 6' tall guy, but there was very little way to arrange my legs comfortably when I had the car on the freeway and on cruise control.
Next, when I was cruising on the freeway, every now and then the electric motor would kick in and the car's speed would drop precipitously from 75 mph to 55 mph, fast enough to shift me forward in my seat. This always made me very nervous about who was behind me and whether they were going to crash into me. Disconcerting, to say the least. Additionally, when I would put on the turn signal to enter an off ramp, the speed of the car would drop again, and then once we were on the off ramp, it would speed rapidly back up to cruising speed.
As one would expect from a MB, the drive was very smooth and easy aside from these issues. The interior lighting on the car was a bit silly for me (red, purple and blue morphing from one to the other) but I get that some might rather like that sort of thing. The turbo four banger under the hood felt a bit underpowered, but got a bit better mileage than the 6 cylinder I'm used to driving, so that was fine. Overall, interesting and fun to drive a brand new car, but I'll stick with my old reliable. Cheers!
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