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Has anyone had One gear go out in there transmission? The Check engine light came on rite when the car went into permenate nuetral instead of 4th gear. Then i pulled over, and it started the first 3 gears fine again but did the same thing upon trying to shift to 4th. My car has only 58k on it and you would think that it would last longer. Maybe if people would change there tranny fluid every 20k instead of never, this would help with the problems.
My car gave me a warning though by a slight slip before locking into 4th gear. I have only had this car for 3 weeks so i dont know how long it was doing it.
Im takeing it into a good mercedees specialist that i trust. The dealership says $200 for a diognostic, and $6000 for a new tranny. The mercedees specialist is doing the diognostic for $75.00. and said they can definately beat $6000. And might need less. ( I sure hope they dont try to hose me)

One more thing. When I went to the mercedes dealer,( to check on the transmission fix). After I left, the dealer called me and asked me when I wanted to schedule an appointment to fix my car. I NEVER GAVE THEM MY PHONE NUMBER!!! EVER!!!! My cell phone was in my pocket, did they use some high tech scanner to get my number? jeese
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