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I have been working on my two Mercedes the 560SL and 300CE. Does anyone have Braided Steel/Teflon brake hoses on
their 560. I would think the braided s/f lines from other Benzo models would fit my SL.

I sent my 560 cams to Crowers so they would put a street grind on them. Had to install shims to get the rockers in the right position afterwards. Engine has a nice lope to it.

Installed a rebuilt rear end from a MB wagon in the Sl. Went from 2.47 to 3.05 with fresh anti-slip pack. More pep and rear tires squealed when 'rounding a corner at slow speed!

I am going to send my instrument cluster (560SL) to Ebay custom gauges to get white guage faces... Unless.... you guys know of anyone else who sell white guage faces. If I have to send them (and they look good) you 560SL guys will have a place to buy them.

I am hoping you guys will contribute to this posting and keep it alive.

I have one pair of MB brake pads (Centric 10505610) they are yours for just shipping cost.
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