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I'll briefly explain what happened and if anyone has any suggestions I'd really appreciate it.

I parked at a store a few hours from home yesterday and shut the engine off like I normally do. Five minutes later I got back to the car and tried starting it. Smoke poured out from under the dash, and the key wouldn't turn, as if the battery wasn't getting power, but it must have been because all the switched power sources moved, like the gas gauge, etc. The smoke stopped and I'm guessing it was a short in a wire that caused it. A few minutes later the car started.

Then, on my commute back home that night, I noticed my headlights were fading every few seconds and so was my dash cluster. The car ran fine but I must have looked like I was flashing my lights to other motorists the whole time.

This morning, I went out to the car to start it and head to work. The key turned on and again, the gauges moved as if the "switched power" connections and battery had power. However, my glow plug light didn't come on and the car wouldn't turn whatsoever. I checked all my fuses, power to the battery...everything seemed fine. I'm guessing something messed up yesterday from that smoke. Oh yeah, my clock is not working and neither is my cold start. Two things that worked before the electrical smoke happened.

I know this sounds ambiguous but any ideas would help. Thanks!
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