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as far as a problems goes i think im running out of options here, i have an 83 300dt that will only run if i keep my foot pressed on the gas pedal(even when trying to start up), meaning the car can actually run, but if the rpms drop below about 1000 the car will stall out, if i try to change the gear out of park, it will stall out, and in one of my tests i got a separate fuel source hooked up to the big oil filter and it seemed to suck 1/4 gallon of fuel down in a matter of seconds so basically its undriveable because it will stall if i try to do anything

things i have tried: Changed both fuel filters, changed tank fuel strainer, changed all the injector lines, changed air filter,drained the fuel out of the tank(and its not a dirty tank), made sure the injectors were all getting fuel(which they are), taken the injectors out and checked them for blockage, checked for IP leakage or fuel pump leakage, but dont really see anything...

Ideas i have but havnt followed up on: bad fuel pump? or bad injection pump? IP timing? Valve adjustment possibly? fuel being redirected back to tank(because of amount of fuel consumption)or bad ALDA Boost Switchover Valve?

any ideas would be awesome since im pretty much out of them...
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