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I have a 1996 c 220 with 132000 miles on it now. The car has an unusual problem to it that I cannot figure out and am about to kneel to the stealerships mercy... can any one help,
When I start the car for the first time in the day, the car makes a ticking noise for about 4 sec and the rpm is at 1500, then the noise goes away and the rpm shoots down to about 400-500, regaurdless of the temp outside being 40 deg or 90 deg. Then, when I shift the gear to reverse the engin shakes irratically but the car doesnt stall, after drving for 30sec everything is normal, except the rpm is still very low. There is no power loss that I can notice. After driving the car for 15-20 miles to make a stop for air-ons, I cant start the the car without pushing the accelarator in about a quarter of the way in, once started the shaking is back when I shift in drive or reverse than everything is normal after 30 sec of driving with the exception of the low rpm's. What can I do???

So far to fix the problem I have done...
KNN air filter,
trans flush W/ filter
Spark plugs (Bosch +2)
Wires (bosch)
cleaned the throttle body,
cleaned the MAF sensor with the MAF sensor cleaner,
Fuel filter,
Only use premium gasoline,
only use mobil 1 synthetic ( 10W30),

I had no luck with these services, next Im gonna take down the idle air control valve and clean it out and see if the car has a PCV valve to replace. Im gonna do this by the weekend but if anyone else had similar problems, I would greatly appreciate any help in my un-diagnosable problem!!!
Thanks to all who respond!!!

P.s also the cruise control is not working, all fuses seem to be ok? Any thougts on that as well?
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