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I unfortunately had to rather suddenly part with my C32. All I am left with is the paint touch up set (Paint and clear coat), and the OEM wipers (with the little wind dam thing). Actually, I take that back, I think I also have another OEM part of some sort in the garage, but don't recall what it was. I'll check when I get home.

In any event, the touch up paint is "9744 brilliantsilber met." I bought it probably a year or so ago and used it maybe 2-3 times. $8 shipped to you. I think it was $15 or so new though I do not recall.

The wipers would probably be a pain to ship, but if someone really wants them for that OEM look with the cool looking wind deflector make me an offer.

Feel free to email me at peench at gmail dot com if you are interested or want to make an offer.
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