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I have just purchased this car and am confused about what class it is. Please help.
wow, 2 days without a reply on such a simple question, maybe the members are thinking your putting them on.

Anyway, head to the 124 forum, you own a C124, built between 1988 and 1995 I believe, but Wikipedia has just about everything in general you need to know about 124s. It's basically an E Class coupe.I own a 300CE as well, (92), E Class cars came as sedans, W124, or wagons, S124, or coupes, C124, or Conv, A124. All E Class 124s are basically straight 6 motors and auto trannys, with the exception of the E420 and E500E W124 sedans, which were very good V8's.

How can you buy a car and not understand it's heritage, it strengths and it's weaknesses? Knowing what class it is, is just the beginning of your journey down the rabbit hole...

So head over to the 124 forum and start posting there, you have a lot to catch up on. I own a 300CE, a E420, and 2ea 500E's, all 124's. It's been quite the experience owning and maintaining these four 124's. Welcome to the world of NLA parts... I hope you bought a well maintained one, after the purchase most of them need around $10K in deferred maintenance to get them where they belong. Good Luck
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