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I gave my '94 SL500 to my granddaughter for a throw away first car, I am getting too old to crawl up an out of it. I did not pay enough attention to the hoses before I gave it to her and it blew the drivers side heater hose. She barbecued the engine. I found an acceptable used engine and installed it. At the same time I eliminated all the hoses to the windshield washer reservoir and plumbed it straight to and from the heater core. Got it running and the A/C being automatic and on, it started working. Had it running on the side yard for about 20 minutes all seemed to be well so I pulled it out thinking I could give it back to her. I did notice that the low oil light was on but didn't give it much thought. As I was pulling the car out of the side yard suddenly it started blowing hot out of the side vents and a combination of hot and cold out of the center vent. Outside of having to replace the pressure hose off of the rear of the compressor the A/C has never given me a minutes trouble.

I was doing a lot of digging around in the cavity on the right side where the electronic control box is located so I dug back down there to see if I could find anything I might have done to cause the issues and so far have found nothing.

As it seemed to be working fine when I first started it up I don't think eliminating the WSW reservoir heater is the cause but I won't assume anything for sure.

I would greatly appreciate any light that can be shed on this issue.
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