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I have a few questions about spiffing up my car's aesthetic qualities:
1) On the bumper there are one or two streaks of white paint, which I assume came from parking lot idiots (or maybe my dad backing into things ... but I'll blame the parking lot idiots). This is an 87 300d, so the bumpers aren't painted. What's the best way to get rid of these imperfections? I don't want to scrape them off or use paint remover, as I would imagine that would ruin the texture of the bumper ... or is there a way to do that and then restore texture to the damaged area? Can the paint streaks be "covered up" with any sort of black paint?
2)My car is "arctic white" but has had the usual classic run-ins with red-bumpered grocery carts (people have no respect for the sanctity of others' cars). None of the marks are severe scratches and some aren't scratches at all. I know they can be buffered out ... what's the best product to use?
3)Tar stains and water stains ... have tried to wash these off with the usual car wash, no luck. Is bug and tar remover OK to use over a large area, such as the back of the trunk lid? I've used it in small areas with success. Will it damage paint over a large surface?
4)The wooden console cover has developed a sort of "fog." Is there any way to improve this?
5)The piping on the console armrest has four or five splits in it ... it's vinyl. Would a Pep Boys vinyl repair kit be sufficient here?
6) (last one) there's etching on the windshield in an arch where the tip of the wiper goes. Any salvation for that? It's not serious and no reason to replace it, but if there's any simple way to fix it, I'd like to know.

I'd be interested to know ways to resolve any of those little problems. Not the kind of stuff I want to bug my mechanic with, and not the kind of stuff my Dealership has any interest in helping me with!
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