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A problematic E320

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Have you ever heard of a problem 2000 E320? Well, I got one. 18 times within 2 years I went to the dealer repair shop and they had and tried to repair many things on the car; the worst problem is a chronic AC leak witch they cannot identify and that is present since the car has hit the road.
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Welcome to Benzforum. I'm not sure where you are located or if you purchased the car new. Is the car still under warranty, if so, is there a different dealer in your area that could service the car. It seems 18 trips to the dealer over a period of two years is extreme. Another avenue would be to search the internet for "Lemon Laws" for the State in which you reside. Keep us posted on your success.

Ken, I'm located near Québec city and the dealer is supposed to be one of the best in all Canada. The problem seems to be the car, may be a lemon as you mentionned.
Yes I bought the car brand new and I even ordered it directly form Germany with lots of options and accessories; I waited 3 months for that car to be built and be transported; I paid 85 000$CAN (with taxes) for it and it was supposed to be the car of my life. Now, its almost a nightmare...
Yes, it is still under warranty with only 53 450 Km (about 32 000 miles).
The AC just showed me another problem. Microlite has been put in the sytem to identify the leak(s). On novembre I found a yellow spot on the ground and the garage identified a leak on a little hose that goes from the dryer to the condensor (AC radiator). During the holiday period, we found new spots on the ground. So I went back to the dealer and they identify a hug leak on another hose, that one going from the dryer to the expansion valve. Now the will change the 3 components (hose, dryer and expansion valve). I believe that the problem has not yet been identify. The cause of the leaks is certainly not each individual hose! There most be something in the system that cause a surge of higher pressure on the high pressure line??? Can someone be of some help?
I went to the dealer yesterday and pass the hole day there. The mecanics change the 3 components and made some tests on the AC system. I even met the service manager for the estern Canada region and he told me he beleives that theses hoses were in trouble, that I'm not shure at all. We'll see in the months to come...
My fingers are crossed for you. Keep us posted on the repairs and good luck.
Thanks Mark08859. I did not see another microlite leak but it is still very early since the fixing has been done... Of course, the days after, I had another surprise into the motor compartment when I inspected for a leak. First, I have to say that it has been very cold out here these last days and nights. So I found blue liquid on the ground and all around the right hole of the front protective plastic under cover and also, frosted blue and white styrofoam like little bubbles near the headlight. I call the dealer service and they ask me to come righ away (they seem a little affraid of my problems now!). We finally discouvert a bizarre phenomena, as the windshield liquid from the headlights washers got into the motor compartment and partly froze right there just beneath the headlight while the rest got stucked on the plastic protector down there. Funny thing that happened because of three things: the extreme cold, the snow in front of the car (because it was snowing!) and water that was present because the car was coming out of the last repair and they wash and soap the microlite away all over the front of the motor compartment. Again, nobody had never seen something like that!
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To date, the repairs seem to solve the problem as A/C runs correctly (as cold as newer gas can be).
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