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Good morning, this is Jason Mulligan over at Street Trucks magazine. I just wanted to take the time to email you guys on your product. Last week I had my friend Dylan Von Kleist buff out/detail my truck in preparation for SEMA, and the results were great! I have used some of your products in the past (detail spray, vrt, etc..) and have always enjoyed the results, I was impressed with the shine it gave back to the paint (you can see the reflection in the last photo!) and the other products geared towards specific vehicle parts. The VRT works great on tires and weather stripping. The microfiber towels should be made into pillows to sleep on. A lot of the microfiber towels I've gotten at stores are pretty rough and have actually put scratches on some things like my billet rims when I was polishing them, your guy's towels are great. Keep making the great products you guys do.

Attached is a before and after shot.unfortunately it was overcast and sprinkling that day so I couldn't get better shots of the before and after but there is an after shot attached as well.


Jason Mulligan
Staff Editor, Street Trucks

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