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adding amp to power a sub on factory system

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I want to use factory mains but also want to ad a sub woofer and amplifier to the existing system. Has anybody done this are the decks standard? Oh yhea this is being done on the non upgrade factory system for the c230, any info would be helpful.
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i put 2 12" subs in my C230. you can get it done at a place like best buy. i have it conected to the stock deck. the bass sounds good and i guess the way the benz was bult but i dont hear any thing radaling when i bump hard.
done but having problems

I just had a sony explode amp and a Boston Acoustics single 12 installed and the car shakes now, let me tell you. but these are the problems I am having. Since I tapped into the line level my balance is wayyy off the right side speakers are no where near the loudness of theleft side. So my questin is has anyone had this problem?

Another thing is that when I pick up speed the output in the deck seems to go up to compensate for outside noise, is there nay way of turning the feature off? Im finding my amp cuts out sometimes when it gets that higher signal.

geez, this same set up was so much easier in my previous 3 cars, having many issues with this one and I know what im doing beleive it or not, any help wupold be great.

benzer 03 c230 coupe
How do you wire yours?
What do you mean by balance is way off to the right?

Since you have 1 single subwoofer, you should set it mono in your amp anyway.

To take out the speed sensor, just unplug the headunit and take out pin C(the speed sensor)
i had 2 12's JL in custom box, and then went 2 kicker 15 L7 and back the the JLs, i have the custom panneling to fit the coupe if ne1 is has a JL cut out on top and i cover in black carpet..fits me at [email protected] if interested.....hits hard, upgraded all speakers in car and head unit
factory deck does not have rca outputs

so how do you connect the rca, when the deck does not have rca outputs?
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