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I have a 1998 E300TD. When I park the vehicle with the engine above the fuel tank for more than an hour or so I get air into the fuel filter. This is a real pain to get started again, it seems like I'm going to wear out my starter motor.

Things I've tried.

Replaced all the return lines that daisy chain from the injectors back to the pump. The end cap also.

Replaced the fuel filter. (Although the gasket is a little roughed up now because I've look into the top a few times.)

Replaced all o-rings on every plasic fuel line around the fuel pump and filter area. 11 in all.

Replaced the o-ring between the fuel shutoff switch and the body of the injector pump. This was replaced because it was leaking fuel out.

Engine starts and runs fine when it has fuel.

By the way, it would be nice to have the hand pump back on the system. It's really a lot of cranking for the starter to prime the system.
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