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(This post is a super longSkip to the bottom for my questions. )

Hi, I’ve got a 2007 R320 with 4 corner airmatic. I’ve had this car for only a couple months and it’s my 1st mercedes. It’s got about 180k miles on it

I’ve asked a few questions and read lots of old post on these forums as I’ve worked through solving my airmatic issue. Now I’m kinda stuck. I’m going to put the whole story up and see if I can get some direction.

While driving I got a malfunction with the up arrow message. After a few minutes the red “stop car too low message” popped up. I pulled over to a gas station to look. My right side had dropped with the right rear bottomed out.

My car has always sagged over night but not while driving. This car is sorta new to me and i thought that was kind of normal.

With the red message my controls wouldn’t raise the car. I got out, checked the 3 fuses, tried to do an internet search to see if I could drive it. After about 10 minutes I opened the door and the car started to rise like normal. So I started it up, hit the raise button. I sat there for a minute kinda surprised it had fixed it self and pop! The right rear air spring blew.

So now the left side is fully raised. The right rear is bottomed out, and the front right is super low not being able to support the engine. I work out of town and I’m 5 hours into a 7 hour drive to work. It’s night and pouring rain. The owners manual says don’t drive over 50mph, the wheels aren’t touching the fenders, and the last 2 hours are 45mph and under. So I drive to work.

At work I find a blow right read airbag so I order an Arnott one a replace it. I start the car and I still have a “malfunction” message and the airmatic controls are locked out. I do some more research, pull the compressor pump and test it. It’s super weak plus I found the hose from the air filter to the pump completley broken.

Order and install a new pump from Arnott and replace the hose. Go to start, same thing. Airmatic controls locked and “malfunction” message. I’m thinking I need to clear codes to get the system to unlock.

Found a nice guy on FB to bring his autocal scanner. He finds 3 codes.

5150 - stored - check component b22/7(left rear level sensor)

5501 - stored - critical vehicle level at the rear axle

5193 - stored&current - power supply sensors : short circuit to ground.

He clears the codes but 5193 won’t clear. However the malfunction message is gone. I’m excited now start the car…nothing. Airmatic is still locked out. Pump is not running.

He was going through his scanner. Voltage at all the sensors was 0 (I think) but the left rear and some weird number. I remember thinking that was weird because it wasn't the bag that blew.

FB guy leaves. I run it a few more times looking around. Malfunction message is back. The next day I decide to look into the rear left wheel sensor. I unplug it and now the airmatic screen says raising (instead of nothing like it has been). The malfunction message is still there and controls are still locked though.

So I plug it back in, disconnect the levers, move them so the car will think it’s low. Start the car, no red too low message. I tried the same on the “good” right rear side and it causes a red too low message. Hook the right side back up and red message gone.

Now I’m feeling pretty good there’s a problem with the left rear wheel level sensor.

Now my car is on blocks and I left it at work. I work 7 days on 7days off and live about 7 hours away so I’ll be back to it in a week. I’ve ordered a left rear wheel level sensor, and a solenoid valve block “just in case” due to the compressor sucking in moisture which I’ve read causes problems with that valve block too.

After such a long post I have a couple questions.

Will a wheel level sensor lock out the system? I’m worried there’ll still be more problems and there’s no parts in that town.

Do these cars need a scanner to clear the code before the system starts working? Or if I replace the correct part, will the car figure it out and start filling up the suspension?

What else can the 5193 code mean?

Anything else I’m missing here? I seems there’s not much left for me to replace here.

Thanks in advance. I’m going to post this to a few Mercedes forums so you may see a repeat on the others.

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Hi. Good write up; I think the other forums will be more active on this. I see your post also at W251 R-Class
Be sure to go through the stickies there.
Good luck!
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