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tire:michelin pilotsport A/S 225/45/17

sams club]
$9. per for mounting/balance/PLUS road hazard
$51. taxes for four

tire rack]
$94. road hazard(for 4)
$32. shipping

some things to think about
a $29 difference is not much considering with the tire rack choice you are left with the task of finding someone to mount and balance
IF you can find someone to do this for $7.25 you will have matched sams price
with sams I know they are local and I can go in and talk face to face with the guy who sold them to me also can have them rotated at my choosing

I bought my michelins yesterday from sams and I stood and watched Rich install them . I requested they're team leader do the work as he has the experience with the type of wheels (c7 pack) I have on my baby

I believe both tr and sams are well established top rated
and one would be pleased with either
for me sams seems to work better
take into account the information is quoted at what was available to me at this date
also shipping and taxes are sure to vary

by the way these tires look GREAT
snow is predicted so I'll see how they perform in their more extreme element

enjoy the forum am a newcomer
lots of useful info
thanks to all

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There are also a number of local tire shops that will match Internet prices, Town Fair Tire in the Northeast being one of them.
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