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What up yall like the post written before me I am also new to the forum. I haven't yet purchased a Kompressor but I am deffinitley considering it I am torn between that and the Volkswagen GTI 1.8t. I am really big into tunning I don't know a whole lot about the kompressor when it comes to tunning but it seems that the Volkswagen offers alot more tuning options than the kompressor. But if I am wrong BY ALL MEANS FEEL FREE TO CORRECT ME. I plan on making my decision by next month. Can anyone tell me if the kompressor is easily modifiable as the GTI 1.8t and can it go just as fast or even faster can you add a chip and all that good stuff??? :?:
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There are Choices.

There are plenty of mods out there for the C230 Coupe if you want to do tuning. Just to provide a few tidbits, you can upgrade the pulley for the supercharger. Chips are available; also exhaust sytems. There are body options for front, rear, and sides out there. Naturally, basics such as wheels and tires are plentiful. These are just a few things. Those who are heavy into tuning can probably go into greater detail.

Between a Mercedes and a Volkswagen, it should be a no brainer. But, if it helps, tuned GTIs are a dime a dozen. Coupes are still an uncommon sight on the road.

Welcome to the forum and have fun! 8)
Mark, are you planning to do any mods to your car? :)

Mark is absolutely correct

If u have the money into tuning a benz then so be it

I also have to add that the GTI has a lot of upgrades then the kompressor though
There are more easier things to do with the GTI, but as mark says, we've seen and everybody has done it

the thing nobody has done is the kompressor
So far I've only seen one car that was tuned
IT was a man I met on the street with tints rims and a exhaust
he says he ordered everything from renntech

but other than that
I haven't seen anything for the kompressor

u can either be just like everytbody else or u can be part of our kompressor forum
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Thanxs guys for the feed back i have been crusin through the site and been doin a little research there seems to be quite a few thing that you can do with the kompressor and I am certain in time more will follow
Welcome to the board. There are actually a number of tuners for the Mercedes, but they tend to be a lot more expensive than tuners for the VW. However, there is a crank pulley for only $350 which should add 30 hp and 35 to 38 ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. Kleeman has just come out with some really thick sway bars for about the same price.
crank pulley??

WHere can I get the pulleys from

would it be from renntech or a mercedes qalified person

r u sure it would as as mush as you say it could

also are there any boost kits I can buy???
The $350 pulley is from ASP Racing. It is an alloy billet pulley. They specialize in pulleys for high performance applications and have been in business for over 15 years. There are other pulleys, most in kits with various pieces, from Kleemann, Renntech, Wetterauer, Brabus and others. Kleemann sells both a ring which attaches to a stock pulley and an alloy billet pulley. All the others seem to be of the add on ring type. Prices range from $599 for the Kleemann ring, to almost $2000 for some of the boutique tuners.

What do you mean by a boost kit?
Pweb said:
Mark, are you planning to do any mods to your car? :)
In all likelihood, probably not. I really don't have tons of spare cash. Also, I really don't want to risk the warranty. Having traded in a small SUV, I'm quite satisfied with the perfomance of the coupe. I wanted handling more than outright speed.

Kelly said:
Mark is absolutely correct
Hey, I like your thinking! :D 8) :D
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