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Do you have problems with excessive paint chipping?

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Anybody else having paint issues

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I went for the stock Magma Red paint which was delivered with a chip that the dealer fixed. The paint looks great, but the problem is every time I drive it I have more chips, I am very careful about where I drive and avoid condition than that would result in being showered with flotsam and jetsam. The paint appears to be extremely fragile, and not the least resistant to even the smallest road debris. :(
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I wouldn't say I've had excessive chipping - probably two or three very small ones. However, I had my previous car for two years and never got one chip in the paint. Two or three chips on my new car in the first month or two would seem to indicate that it is a bit fragile.
I have a 2002 magma red also and i do have excessive chipping on my hood and bumper it seems as though it cant resist even the smallest of rocks but now it seems like its doing alot better i think it takes some time for the paint to mature or something cuz now it doesnt chip so much but and i have a friend with a white 230 and he has this problem also except his chips are rusting.
I have 3 chips @ 2000 miles. I agree that the paint seems to very intolerant of any pebble dings. This should not be the case on a MB.
I have used touch up paint to fill them in, but I am not satisfied with the look. The paint brush is difficult to work with and applies way too much paint. It also starts to dry very quickly and becomes lumpy.
I am going to keep tabs on this posting and if my car gets any more chips I am going to ask the local dealer what they plan to do about it.
Good luck to all.
Orion OK

NOthing on my orion.

Maybe because it's a metallic?
Magma Red 1 year old and "no" paint problems
Re: Orion OK

johnn said:
NOthing on my orion.

Maybe because it's a metallic?
Nope, just lucky so far. It will chip. Paint on European cars is very fragile. This is due to the type of paint required by environmental laws.
I've had my car for 3 months now @ 5000k and no chips at all. My ML has 70000k and it only has 3 chips. The S @ 40000k has none. I thought Mercedes had better chip prevention than the other cars?!?!? My friend who's a body repair man said that benz's clear coating is much thicker than most of the other cars... ???? :? :? :?:
I have the Paprika colour, and have 2 chips in it so far. They were caused by my doors slamming into the bumper. No dings, or chips from debris however.
3200 km and no chips just one glancing blow from a rock which actually scratched my headlight cover and the bumper. Always happens on a new car,.... how frustrating. I even try to avoid following other cars too closely, not just for safety reasons but simply to avoid flying debris and still, some idiot always manages to pass and cut in right in front of you (with no other cars around) and throws something in the process. And this type of driving on a highway with very little traffic and only one lane in each direction,... Let me know if there is anything that you have found to help with the chipping or a technique to use with that darn touch up paint
Fortunately my dealer has a very good contracted touchup guy who is very reasonable. Some of the many chips he has fixed I can’t find, others I can find but only cause I know they’re there. Ask around (dealer and friends) and hopefully you can find someone worthy of working on the car.

At 3000 miles I got nailed by a rock in the windshield producing a very small crack I’m sure will grow with time. Then at five thousand I was coming around a truck to pass on RT. 40 in New Mexico when he blew a tire on his driver side, somehow I avoided all the debris. Two days later in Los Alamos I got some nasty rocks thrown at me by some A-hole in a pickup in a hurry passing in the closed construction lane, these netted some really nice deep hood damage.

Sometimes it had to decide if I'd rather enjoy driving the C230 and have to worry, or drive my other car a 15 year old VW and be carefree not have to worry.
Gee Cranius I was worried it was just me who felt that way,... love to drive the car but hate to drive the car and get it dirty, increase the miles, rsk paint chips,... :? But the car wins out. it's just too much fun to drive 8) So off I go again in my little red car 8)
IF we keep the Magma Red, out front, will not have to worry about chips, it works for me, just kidding.
actually I've decided that the thick crust of salt which develops on the car because of the winter conditions around here might also help to save the paint :wink:
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