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Unless there's some sort of Christmas miracle in Mercedes showrooms, Audi is set to pass their competitor for the first time to take the number 2 spot for global luxury car sales.

The company's sales volume grew by 18 percent this year, compared to Mercedes' seven. Though the numbers aren't final until the ball drops in Times Square, Audi is sitting pretty with more than 56,500 units to hold over Mercedes, meaning the title is as good as theirs.

Of course, nether Audi nor Mercedes are happy with sitting behind BMW. Both companies claim plans to make the number 1 spot, though in different time frames.

Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told Automotive News Europe earlier this year that they plan to be the top company in sales and profitability by 2020. Meanwhile, Audi is laying claim to that same goal, but by 2015.

Don't expect BMW to sit back on their laurels either, though, the Bavarian automaker made it clear earlier this year in an interview with Automotive News that they have plans to stay on top.

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