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Kumho Tire is one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, with 8 factories around the world, multiple awards and a wide variety of high-performance tires for all climates, vehicles, and driving needs. Environmentally friendly, Kumho Tires are designed with technology that boosts braking capabilities and steering to ensure a quiet and safe ride in any conditions.

They deliver a perfect balance between ride comfort, noise, and performance handling. Manufactured using refined laser etching system they feature innovative dual-layered tread patterns that provide more effective grip and noise reduction and permits sidewall designs to be shaped more aerodynamically for lower rolling resistance. This company successfully combines advanced technology with affordability to bring you excellent quality tires for less money.

Kumho Tires™ | Performance, 4x4, All-Season —

If you need a perfect replacement tire for your Mercedes, you can't go wrong with Kumho!​
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