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Scammers are always looking out for easy targets and FOR SALE forums are rich pickings for scammers.
If you have been a victim of a SCAM or an attempted SCAM, or if you receive a PM reply to a posted WTB thread that appears suspicious, please report it to the moderators so that it can be investigated. Never send money to someone you do not know using unsecured payment methods. It is always wise to check the posting history of anyone replying to your thread via PM to see if they are active members.

Diallo Lamine offers to buy your item but states that he is busy and will send a FEDEX courier to your home to collect the item and hand over payment. He then states that FEDEX requires you to pay for insurance and this amount will be included in the envelope with item price.
A FEDEX email is sent asking you to buy and send cash cards to FEDEX to cover the cost of the insurance. This will be a fake email that can be checked by looking at the source code. This is an email address that scammer Diallo Lamine uses and has turned up across Europe [email protected] All FEDEX email is
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