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I've liked diesel mercedes cars for a good while and just recently bought a 1988 190D 2.5 with 110k for $2,700. Everything about the car is in good shape with the exception of a small oil leak. When I arrived at the seller's house there was a small puddle under the car. I test drove it and it sounded pretty good and feel pretty good about the price.

The leak, I'm told, is caused by one or two of the injector's o-rings being old and the plastic having become brittle and leaking. Can you all please explain to me if this is common and how difficult it is to have repaired. Is it serious and costly for a dealer to do it? I know this car is rare and hope these parts are still available. This oil leak really bothers me and I hope it hasn't affected the longevity of the engine.

Also, Any advice for a new diesel owner is greatly appreciated.

Info that is helpful:

- Should I replace the freon radiator and how much does it cost?
- How many miles should I allow between oil changes?
- Any immediate maintenance work you think I should have done to the car?

Thanks again for your insight!
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