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Hello all

I'm interested in a 1985 300D turbo diesel with approx. 220k miles on it. From what I am told by the owner its in very good shape, needs some interior work and a couple of lights are out in the cabin. Runs and drives "like a beast". Original paint. Sunroof works. He says the a/c blows but needs R-12. From what I can see in pics it has no rust.

I should be seeing the car in person in a week. I've recently become a little infatuated with these old W123's and would love to own one. I'd do the maintenance myself but I'm just starting on learning how to work on a car. My question is, does the car sound like its worth $3500? He is firm on the price. I just don't want to bite off more than I can chew maintenance-wise, I worry about a major loss such as the tranny going out as soon as I get it and its something I cant fix myself. I'm having his mechanic go through it and tell me what is right and wrong (is that wise? he says this mechanic specializes in these cars.)

Did anyone else have first time jitters when buying an old diesel Benz? Any tips for a newbie would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

- Josh

p.s. trying to upload a pic but cant make the filesize smaller...
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