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I was shopping around about a month ago for a 2004 C-230 sports sedan. I first went to Sovereign Motor Cars, Ltd. in Brooklyn, the sales man wasn’t interested in giving us a test drive but was interested in “closing a deal” instead. He must have said “Lets close a deal” like 15 times in 30 mins. The MSRP on the car was $32,790 the best they offered us was 32,000. I knew I could do better than that, so I walked out. Close a deal without a test drive, yeah, sure.

So, we than went to Silver Star Motors same exact story as Sovereign Motor Cars, Ltd. The best price they offered us was $32,300 and no test drive. Again, we walked out.

So, we moved on to Mercedes-Benz of Huntington. The sales man had the worst attitude I have ever seen in my life. He seemed like he didn’t want to be at work that day. The best price they offered us was $32,500.

I called Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, Inc. to get a quote.

We than went to Sunrise Motors of Massapequa. They agreed to give us a test drive when we asked, but the sales man was very pushy. He wanted to sell us a C-240 even though I wanted a C-230. He even wanted us to test drive a C-240 before we test drive the C-230. He was also pushing the 2003’s instead of the 2004’s. The best price they offered us was $31,600. So we agreed to sign a deal a soon as I contact my insurance company with the vin# to get a quote. So I left $500 deposit on it and went home.

Later on I was contacted on my cell by Silver Star Motors with a $31,000 offer.

As soon as I got home I was contacted by Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, Inc. with an even better offer at $30,700

So, I went with the best offer, called Mercedes-Benz of Huntington to see if they can do better than $30,700. I was told NO WAY, so I asked for a refund. I was told since I took my time to shop around they will take their time to refund my money. I could have made a big stink about it, but the fact is I got a great deal and they lost a future customer if not customers.

We went to Mercedes-Benz Manhattan, Inc. we met a good sales man. He wasn’t pushy, he throw in some stuff besides the $30,700 offer. If you want his contact info let me know.

Shopping around is not just about money, it’s about gaining experience. It took me about 8 days from first dealer to driving it of the lot. While shopping around, I also did my homework online. There is lots of information to help buyers. All you need is google and the right key words.
I made one mistake and that is leaving a deposited on an unsure deal.
If you are buying a car, I suggest you to shop around. Take the time and make the right decisions. Walk out on the dealer if you don’t like the deal they offer you, they need your business you don’t need theirs.
I hope my experience helps you make the right moves!
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