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OK so I've been looking at the C coupe and then I hear about the C320 coupe and went to the LA Auto show to check it out. I really like the car but I have a dilemna.
I ALWAYS carry my golf clubs with me and it doesn't look like they will fit in the back of the coupe without folding down the seats.

What do you coupe owners do about carrying clubs?
Will a bag fit in the back hatch area without folding down the seat?
Will it fit if I pull out my driver & woods?

PS: I just have a carry bag not one of those huge tournament bags.

Unfortunately this could be a deal breaker for me which would be a drag because I really like this car.

Thanks for the help!
(maybe a future coupe owner)

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baddish news

here's the thing: if you use standard length clubs, the bag will fit...without your woods and driver. i have to say that this is the single item i feel i was misled with regard to, through the course of my purchase. the salesman at the first place i looked at the C says, when i ask if a bag of clubs will fit in the trunk: "of course. it's a merCEDes, after all..."


so here's what i do: i fold down one seat to accomodate the longer clubs and just suck it up. doesn't thrill me, but there it is. when i go to the driving range and am only going to hit irons, though, the seat can stay up.

come on...get the car anyway. you'll be glad.
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