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C Coupe reliability?

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On some of the MB forums, it seems Mercedes reliablity is much worse than average for C class :(
I am thinking about getting a C Coupe 320.
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My car is 14 months old and has 9000 miles. The only issues are the passenger headrest rattles when it is up and the roof needs to be lubed since it squeaks when it is opened or closed.

The Mercedes reliability ratings are for all models combined. The ML's account for a disproportionate amount of owner complaints. Also remember that people post on the forums to gain info about the problems they have. Those who don't have any don't start threads about their lack of problems.
I agree with Lynn. I have been driving my car since April 2002, almost 1 year - no problems at all, except for the sun roof squeaks - fixed now, took my dealer about 10 minutes.
Well I can add to their comments, mine was year old 10/11/02 and has 8900 miles and "no" problems. It's a blast to drive and not everybody has one. Think that any car you buy today can have problems, but with the warranty and service, go for it, make sure you get the C7 package.
Good Luck
And C2 :)
I don't think the squeak fix is a do-it-yourself project.
They just lubricate it...
I’m a bit concerned by the fact the “Control Unit” on my 11-month-old 8300-mile coupe crapped out. They were very good about fixing it, though it did take three days, but then the car was meticulously detailed when I picked up. Hopefully this will be an isolated incident, and failures due to quality will be rare. If not I may have to sell it before the warranty expires. I am use to owning a highly reliable vehicle; my 87 Jetta has had no major repairs over its 350000-mile life (the car won’t die, though it has every right to). I’m expecting more from the Benz, lets hope I get it. The next six-month to year will be important as the wife would like a ML350.
I've had my c230 since October and all is A OK so far... My biggest concern was finding the proper bolts to install my new plate protectors. The dealership installed them for me instantly. Don't usually see that kind of service !!!
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