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C230 has arrived

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October 2 was the day - took delivery 2003 silver 6spd with c5, c7 and cd changer. This car is absolutely awesome. I must admit I have always been technically oriented and a gadget friek- the c230 seems to have it all. I finally finished the manual late last nite - I am really impressed with the safety features, all the computer controlled,customized features , and of course the engineering. The new engine seems to have plenty of torque and acceleration even at the lower RPMs, and it is so smooth at idle it is hard to tell it is even running.

Three questions so far maybe someone can help me with: I have the Continental Sport Contact 2 - 17inch tires 8- the decal in the gas filler says tire pressure 28 frt, 32 rear - is that correct for these tires or is that for the stock 16 in? I can find no manual dipstick to check the oil - I know it checks it electronically before you start the engine, but I guess I am old fashioned and would like to confirm the level now and then - any suggestions? Also, I am getting a slight whine when decelerating from the rear of the car only at a narrow speed range of 50 mph+- in any gear or even with the clutch disengaged. None when accelerating. Is this tires or what? I'm not real concerned since the warrenty seems excellent. Would appreciate any ideas. And one more, how does the car compute range left on the fuel remaining since we do not reset that when adding gas? Great car that I am really enjoying - look forward to hearing from you all.
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Congratulations on the car and welcome to the board.

The tire pressure show on the decal is correct for all of the approved tire sizes.

You do not have a dip stick. At least one sedan owner whined, pleaded begged and threatened his dealer into selling him a shop dip stick.

I have no idea what the noise is.

The range is calculated by multiplying the current miles/gallon by the amount of gas left in the tank.
I appreciate the reply. How does the computer know how much gas is in the tank - usually the gas gauges are very inaccurate. Other cars you reset the computer when you fillup and then it uses the tank capacity and the fuel burn rate to calculate range- since we do not tell it when we fill it, the computer must use the gas gauge - does that sound right? What happens if we add a partial tank - ie put in $10.00 worth that does not fill the tank?
Another question - Where have people found a reasonable priced sun shade for the front window that does't look like a cardboard box and fits well. Merecedes makes one but they want $59.00 for it at the dealer. Thanks
The computer uses the gas gauge and the current MPG that is calculated by the computer to figure miles to empty. Get up to speed and let off the gas and you will see the miles to empy go up. This is a computer calculated rough guess and I would not trust it too much under 50 miles left. When you add gas to a partial tank and do not fill it, it will re-calculate from the total amount of gas left. You can still use the trip odometer to reset and get total miles per tank. A lot of cars have that distance to empty feature and personally I do not use it. Just look at the gauge to know how far you have left. It is more of a toy to me.
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