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C230K Handles Snow

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Winter Driving

I got 16" Pirelli Winter Snowsports on steel wheels and my C230 drives perfect in the winter. Going up to ski country through snowstorms were no problem.

Like that story, once you put the ESP off, the laws of physics come into play. I remember when I had a 77 Grand Prix and an 86 Mustang, I would do 90 degree slides down the street to align wth my driveway when I was going to park the car. Don't have the inclination of doing that with a MB. :wink:
Thanks for the post. I have the C7 option. I'm doing a minus one conversion to 16" wheels for winter purposes. Was planning on getting the Dunlop Winter Sport M2 tires for the application. Makes me feel better reading this as I do go to ski country. Haven't driven a rear wheel drive car since the late 1980s. :D
Cheap alternative

I am looking at buying winter tires as well but I refuse to pay $180 cdn a piece! Anybody has had good results with sub $100 tires? :oops:

Thanks for the info!
Don't know anyone with personal experienceregarding snow but, Kumho makes a very reasonably priced performance tire which reviews well. I do know thay make at least one model of snow tire. Might be worth investigating.

You have a MB, pamper it with some good snow tires.

My best suggestion is to go to Candian Tire, their snowtires are Goodyear OEMs. Last year they had a firesale in Toronto around Christmas, because of the lack of snow. I guess being in Saskatchewan there won't be anything cheap.
from an icy start (at lights or a stop sign) if I switch off the ESP it helps to get a good start (the ESP doesn't slow the revs down because of spinning) and then put it back on once the car is like a charm on ice!
For anyone in Canada looking for tires try

I was able to pick up 16" wheels and Toyo Observe Garit HT (the ones with the walnut stuff in the rubber) for 1150 tax in! The dealer offered me covers for 55+tx, but I'm prolly not going to bother.

I put them on this weekend and along with the EPS its like driving on the Conti's in the summer... awesome traction, if a little under responsive...
semperit sub 100's

this is my first rear-wheel drive vehicle and I was very scared of the snow and ice. I researched the local tire stores, and came across some Semperit's---I had them installed on my OEM rims for 265 total for ALL four. They work like a charm as long as the snow is not deeper than 7 inches! Good luck :lol:
My 03 came with the Pirelli P6 tires on 16 inch rims. No problem in all of the snow we've had in the Greater Toronto Area over the last month. We've also had a lot of ice, and it seems to pull out quite nicely. 8O
I decided to keep my all seasons on this winter just to see. Well it's been the weirdest weather because here we are at the end of January and we have no snow here in Northern Ontario 8O 8O 8O So much for my test. Although I did get to drive down our street after some freezing rain. The ESP worked like a charm. Just wouldn't let the car deviate at all.
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