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I have heard that the 1.8S engines run a high boost as compared to the 2.3S engine. Can I still safely put in a Kleeman or Renntech pulley kit and jack the boost up more? Is this a hazard for the reliability of the engine?

If I cannot put a pulley upgrade kit in the 2003, is there anything else I can do the get better performance out of the engine? The 2002s look easy to tune but the 1.8S engine seems like all that you could so to it is exhuast, and maybe chip.

Also, do you think that this issue is enough to warrant spending the extra time looking for a used 2002? The closest used 2002 for me is 168 miles away (I can't fit in a car with sunroof, and I want a manual, so the cars that match that criteria are rare.)

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