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I just bought a 2015 C300 4matic W205 not to long ago and it’s now time for my first check up my service D check up and I am having the hardest time picking a mechanic out to do it..

I just moved to LA from Orange County and down in Orange County I had found this mechanic who had worked at Mercedes benz for like 12 or 15 years befor opening up his own shop.. That being said he had quoted me at wanting somewhere around $360 for my service D and said it would take somewhere around 4 hours to do it..

Now what’s been confusing me is now when I call around to these different shops I find off of yelp when searching for Mercedes Benz mechanics some will say oh it’s your part D and then look it up and go along the line and say air filter spark plugs oil change sunroof etc.. and then quote me at like $150 but then I’ll call other places that seem a little more familiar with Mercedes Benz and I’ll say It’s my part D and they will say oh it’s gonna be well over $300 bucks and when I ask what the difference is they go to this list they reference they need to go over specially for Mercedes..

Now I don’t know which one to believe or which one to go with I guess..

Part of me wants to go with the more expensive ones because they seem to know what they are doing but then I just start wondering and even questioning myself and when I talk to the other guys quoting me less they say yeah man it’s all the same they are gonna do the exact same thing they are just charging you more..
So what’s the truth?

I am foolish to believe that these more expensive shops are going to know of or do some kind of special extra work needed to the car that these other guys won’t? Or is it really pretty much all the same thing and the one dudes might check the computer and know a little bit more but it’s all the same thing and I should just go to the shoo I feel is trust worthy enough even though they are charging me a far less amount and just go over this checklist they have somewhere?

please let me know ASAP because I’m trying to get this done today!

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