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I've been interested in CF/glass/kevlar for a year now, and stumbled over the 'CF hood' thread(s) about a month ago. I just got some samples and am ready to put in an order to the manufacturer for some resin and CF. Now all i need is some ideas from you guys of what parts to make.

Airboxes? Spoilers? Interior trim? C-pillar vents? Valve covers? Engine trim? Trunk lids? Grill surrounds? Mirrors?Shifter-knobs? What do you guys want made-it all depends on the level of interest/pre orders you can get going.

If there is enough interest, i'll make a prototype of the part. If you guys like the looks, and i get enough pre-orders to cover my butt financially, i'll make a run of the parts.

This will be a hobby for me, so i'm not going to be interested in making el-cheapo parts, on the other hand, if you guys decide you want a 16v hood done...well, its gonna cost you. I know i'm not established on this board-you can check out and look for my name there if you'd like.

Mods- Please leave a link in this forum to get interest up, I'll move any further correspondance about prices and such to the sales/group buy forum.

dan r.
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