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Call me a lazy 21st century 1st world citizen, but nowadays with car keys being wireless and houses connected to HomeKit, having to take my phone out of my pocket and plugging it in every time I get in the car, then taking it off and putting it back in my pocket every time I get out, is becoming a bit much…

Now obviously, it’s not a big deal when taking average trips from point A to point B…. However, when your running errands and all of your stops are within a mile or two, it becomes a hassle. I would like to just leave it in my pocket since I’m getting in and out a lot, but if someone calls me I’d like to answer through the car. Not to mention, I’d like to keep my music playlist going, even if for only 5mins between trips…

Actually, I don't mind plugging in each time in my car, till forget to remove the phone last time, we're 200 meters away and found left it in my car.

I've just been doing research on this. There is a lot of information on this here: CarPlay adapter to convert to wireless CarPlay?
Cplay2air has a hardwired USB connector, Carlinkit3.0 is a new version that is similar in hardware but has a USB-C connector on the box and you plug a (removable) USB-C cable into it. but not sure which is best. Probably the later USB-C version just in case it boots quicker. It works well with my Benz so far. I am happy with my purchase. This is really convenient, the key is that the adapter can also charge my iPhone, god this really fascinated me, I am very grateful to the designer who designed it!
No affiliate, no ads, I just want to share the joy with you.

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