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CD Changer from AutoClass.Net

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Just got my CD Changer from AutoClass.Net, took about 4 days to get here from Florida. Got it installed the same day as well (today) took them about 1 hour!! Works EXCELLENT!

Finally I can listen to whatever I want and not to the stinky radio commercials ;)
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who did the install

Did you have to take the changer to your dealer or did you do the install yourself?
I took it to the dealer.. it took them less than 40 minutes to install! I would recommend bringing it to a dealer rather than installing it yourself - just for warranty sake and they know what they are doing. 8)

If you don't mind my asking ballpark for what they charged for the install?
They charged me around $100-$150...

Best Buy or some other store would charge about $75, I know it's less than at a dealer, but hey, I wouldn't trust 3rd party to deal with a car they know less than certified Benz people.
Make sure your center vent controller which is blue dial located on the dead center of the center vent is aligned. Mine didn't go up all the way. :x I had to go to the dealer two times after the installation to fix this. :evil: It is finally done. I am happy about the result. :D
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