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CD Changer or In Dash CD Player

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Is the MB CD changer our only option (kinda pricy)? I've looked around many stores and they don't seem to have anything else on the market rite now.

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There is another changer which will work, however, it will not fit in the glove box. It is the Becker Silverstone 2662.

For an in-dash player there is the Becker Audio 10. It is either OEM or an option in various European markets. Several people over at have purchased them ove the German ebay site. A coupe have had problems with the used units they bought. Sometimes a new one will be available. If you go this route be sure to get one for the new C-class W203. The others won't fit. Also make sure it is not and Aucio 30 cassette. New Audio 30's are sold by for $649. C-CLASS&subcat2=1&subcatname2=AUDIO
In dash CD player

Hi all,

I got an aftermarket (Kenwood) cd player installed in my car, sounds great. According to the guy at the car audio store, many decks (pioneer, sony, alpine, etc.) can be installed in our car. You just need to purchase a bracket for the dash and a harness to connect the wires. Only problem is the audio and telephone controls (other functions still work) on the steering wheel will not work.
Re: In dash CD player

andy_c230 said:
Only problem is the audio and telephone controls (other functions still work) on the steering wheel will not work.
Not necessarily... I've been told by "Audio King" store technican that you can buy an adaptor, that would do the trick to make your steering wheel controls work. The price of such adaptor is about $90.

Feel free to call them @:

1.952.435.8933 (ask for Mark Musta)

Would it be at all possible for you to post a pic of your install. I am curious to see how this looks.

I installed my Pioneer head unit, and it looks/sounds awesome. The installation was not difficult(after we finally figured out where to get switched power), and it saved me alot of money. Installation time for a head unit would probably take you about 1-2 hours if you've never taken the dash apart, and a little less if you've already ventured there before for some reason. I'll post pics of my install sometime soon.

Let me say this...the factory MB speakers have the potential to sound great! The only obvious problem is a lack of bass...but that'll be resolved with an amp/sub in the back. But, the mids and highs are incredible once you give 'em a little power.
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