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Mercedes didn’t hold a press conference at the Chicago Auto Show, so it obviously had nothing of interest, right? Wrong. Besides the fact that there’s a new SLS exotic to drool over, Mercedes was showing off a limited CLS Grand Edition model.

Painted in matte-gray, or what Mercedes calls Desigo matte-platinum, this CLS550 is just the latest matte-finished car from Mercedes, which has also offered the IWC SL in matte white and the Night Edition in (what else) matte-black.

Other than the paint, there’s not much else different about this CLS. It gets the same AMG styling accessories and AMG wheels as all CLS550 models and this particular version had a particularly nice sunset red leather. Under the hood is a familiar powerplant too, the 5.5-liter V8 with 382-hp.

The special edition CLS550 Grand Edition is likely to be a collectors item, debuting during the last model year of the original CLS model – a revolutionary product from the typically conservative German automaker. Mercedes is set to show the second-generation CLS later this year.

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