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2017 400 E Coupe'
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My 2017 MB 400 E Coupe' was a " CERTIFIED " MB " PREOWNED " vehicle. The extended warranty made it very attractive to me.

The Warranty Expired during covid19 while it was being garaged stored. I asked about extending the Warranty and like many things with this car the answers are so confusing that I wonder how anyone can know for sure what is the BEST TRUTH, if I can call it that. Something tells me that most of the other things I hear are potential TRUE TOO But is it the best TRUE for me?

So it expired on Saint Patrick's day this year. The mileage is just over 30K. Does anyone have a suggestion for extended Warranty's? Companies, Cost, Deductibles? anything that can help me decide.

And I wanted to put a REN performance chip in it but was told it would void the extended Warranty. So now that there is no warranty I'm wondering if the chip depreciates the value or increases it?

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