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I have a problem.
Driving my CLS 320 cdi(2006 model) to southern spain from my house in central france. at Christmas 2016.
The car ran effortlessly cruising at 80mph.
When we started to climb over the mountains north of madrid to a height of 2000m(6000 ft) the car lost power and I had to use the tiptronic
option to manually drive the car .I recognized the symptoms as limp home mode(happened to me before in an S class 320 cdi,egr valve in this case).We crested the pass,stopped a mile or two down the other side.Switched off the engine,switched on again-everything as normal.
We ran around the costa del sol for 2 weeks and set off for home.
Again on the long steep freeway pull up to granada the same thing happened.Again stopping the car resolved the issue.
No problems until going back over the same pass near madrid where it first happened ,limp home mode again.
This time the engine warning light came on.
Drove home without incident.A friend read the ecu codes "intermittant maf faults and turbo overboost"

Is it a maf problem or a BAR issue?
It seems odd that the only occasions are height related hence BAR suspicions.
I intend replacing air filters as a precaution.I also intend replacing the transmission fluid and filters.The car has done 130000 miles and I have no service data to know when it was last changed.
I had a w220 S class 320 cdi which lost drive on steep hills(up and down) which was a low oil level problem.Could this be the same,given that low oil levels could expose a gearbox sensor on a LONG uphill climb causing LHM?
Just seems a logical idea-cant say whether its true.

Any help appreciated.

as an aside,the drivers seat fore aft adjustment wasnt working properly.The left rail moved partly and then stopped halfway the right
rail pivoting round in an arc.On inspection the fore/aft motor shaft was stripped half way up the worm drive-a ladies hairclip being the culprit.(usually a jammed coin)No worries-substituted a second hand manual rail set from an E class car(same year) same seat.
I do prefer manual adjustments dont you?

Ive got a 1974 W114 sedan,mint condition,1 owner,LHD,85000kms,black and chrome with BBS alloys.Its a 230/6.
Anyone interested to buy?Car is in SW france I want 8000€ or equivalent.
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