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2017 400 E Coupe'
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My check engine light has been on since starting it after a year storage.

I had a battery tender on it which did a great job with the main battery. It did nothing for the rear battery. I got that message before actually STARTING the car. I purchased an OEM replacement and replaced it.
The warning was gone when I turned the key to the on position.

When I started it there was a few moments of it running perfectly. Shortly there after the check engine light came on. In my mind it was running like " water in the gas tank " something that has happened in the past in vehicles with no computer. It was a pretty easy fix.

Not so with my 2017 400 E.

Everyone I've spoken to or read in forums and on line " water in the gas " seems to never be mentioned. Everyone says " GET THE CODES READ.

One Question : Is there a code that says " WATER IN YOUR GAS " My gut tells me NO.

I imagine from things I've read and heard, a code will tell me that the fuel air mixture is WRONG or maybe and O2 sensor or a MAS AIR SENSOR. I'm not surprised that a code like that will come up.

Before I go long with other stories about how society has grown into accepting all of these methods of getting as much money out of your pocket as it can justify with computer readings and referrals to specialists who ARE THE BEST I'VE EVER FOUND.

The most important question for me right now is: IS THERE WATER IN THE GAS TANK?

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Who knows? Siphon a sample an test it? There are gasoline test kits available online, and numerous YouTube videos on how to do this. Some even suggest a sample in clear glass will settle out, indicating if there is water in the gas.
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