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I'm sure this has been asked before, but I am new to this forum.

I just bought a 1998 E-320. Stock 16" rims and tires. It's not the sport model. I'd like to purchase extra rims and use the old rims for the winter.

I'd like something that looks like the stock ones. I see replica rims on eBay that closely resemble the stock ones - except they are 17" x 7.5". I think they are 1/2" wider than the stock ones?


Will the 17 x 7.5" rims work on the car?

If so, what size tires do I search for?

Any particular brand and model of tire you guys particularly favor?

Or, can someone point me towards a reasonably priced alternative? I don't see anything at Tire Rack that looks like my current wheels.

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