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Cracked windshield

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I've "caught a rock" with my windshield on a freeway, the crack is right in the middle... :(

Called my insurance and the windshield will be replaced this week. My question is - will I need to pay for it out of my deductuble if I have full coverage or my insurance is going to cover it? As far as I remember I don't need to pay a cent. Am I wrong?

My other question - how do they usually remove the windshield? With my previous car they scratched the dashboard :(
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Windshield removal

Broken/demaged windshield is removed:
-duct tape or similar all over tha glass
-cover, plastic or cloth, over the dash board
-large hamer and it is done 8O
Demaged windshield can not be removed any other way. Good one is another story. VERY difficult and time consuming.
As fo insurance.. it falls under comprehensive part. This is demage to the vehicle other than collision. Like bird hitting you car, or or rock, or shoping cart, or neighbor kid or...... Check your policy for Comprehensive coverage.
Glass is usually 100% with comp, and should be no out of pocket expense whatsoever.
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