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Howdy everyone, first time poster here and a proud new owner of a 1984 300SD Turbo Diesel.

It's running great, but one of the more annoying things I want to address is the panel lights and general electonics on the dash. The lights inside work well, the odometer works, and the gauges work, but the clock is out, the blinkers don't blink, and the lights for what gear I'm in are out as well.

I'd like to fix all of those, as I can sense they will get worse before they get any better. I'm new to cars, as this is my first one (it was given to me), so do any of you pros have some tips for me? Is this a fuse issue, in that I may need new ones, or is this a complete re-wiring job. I take it that's pretty labor intensive, right?

thanks in advance!

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