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My 1989 190E has 3 minor rust spots, and I want to take care of them before they spread. I especially want to take care of them before winter.

The three spots are located:

1) Front edge of hood ... about 1" in diameter.
2) Left Front Fender, right on the outer edge ... about 6" x 1".
3) Below the Left Tail Light Assy ... about 4" x 2".

Is there a "quick fix" I can put on these areas, even if just means leaving it primer-colored for a while? I'm not concerned if I can't get the exact MB-Maroon paint to match it right away, I just want to prevent it from spreading.

If I take it to a local body shop, about how much should I be willing to spend? I don't particularly want to get into body-work right now, I don't have the right tools or materials, and the weather is getting too cold for painting. If a shop will do it reasonably quick and at a fair price, I'd rather go that route, but how do I know if I'm getting ripped off, price-wise?

I'm in South Jersey, if there are regional price differences. Plenty of body-shops to choose from. Can I expect better quality and a higher price from a name brand chain like MAACO? Or can I do just as well for less money at Joe's Body Shop?

Also, there is a puddle of water in my trunk, in the well on the right side. I sponged out as much as I could, but there is still some water underneath the matting that I haven't gotten to yet. Nothing else in the trunk or interior appears to be wet. Will changing the trunk weather-strip cure this? Or do I have to look elsewhere on the vehicle?

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