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Heyyy Benz Forum..

New here so i apologize if this is posted under the wrong section but what i was wondering is if anybody here has any experience with purchasing these Ghost Puddle Door LED Lights for their Mercedes Benz?

I plan on putting them in my 2015 c300 4Matic Lux. Edition.. (w205)

The only reason i ask is because A). I want to know which one is the brightest and i have posted asking the sellers how many Kelvin, Lumens, Watts, etc.. and have yet to get a reply

I also have noticed on some of the postings some of them have said something along the lines of working for all w205 sedans from 2015 except for the Cabriolet, Coupe, or Luxury Edition..

Its not on all but only some that say this but when looking closer at them all the lights all look the exact same and from what i can see my lights on my w205 luxury edition look the exact same as any of the other w205s in the pictures.. So im just confused.. Any advice please?

Thanks again and glad to have found and joined the community!
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