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Does anyone know who to contact within MBUSA regarding

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customer service. I attempted to purchase a pre-owned C230K yesterday, and was treated rather rude by Mangement. I have written an extensive letter regarding what occured and would like the letter/e-mail to reach all the necessary parties to have something done. I will let everyone in on what happened during the purchasing process, if this problem does not get resolved. Thank You in advance, and I have enjoyed reading everyones comments on the car, which have swayed me to purchase one. Here's hoping I get the one I want.... :evil:
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I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems. Try calling 1-800-MERCEDES to get the names and address of the people you need to contact.
I have had awefull experience so far with my mercedes, i wrote the CEO of MB Canada the CEO of MBUSA and The CEO of Damler Chrysler Germany I have only got a responce from MB Canada and it was not what i was looking for. i am almost fed up with the car and am thinking of selling it
Welcome to the club !

To all those who have had a BAD experience with their M-B dealer ... your in good company. At my local dealership in Morristown, NJ my initial sales experience was great. I ordered my 2003 C230k and the salesman was helpfull and professional. Unfortunately I came to realize the service dept. is TERRIBLE. A problem with my M-B V60 phone is still not resolved after more than 6 months. Even the technician at Motorola is surprised the dealer is unwilling to help resolve my phone issue as it is still covered by Motorola's warranty. An "unusual" engine defect put my car out of commission for six weeks. The dealer had the car over three weeks and of course after over one weeks time diagnosing the problem the part was not available and had to come from Germany. After receiving the car back it was low on oil and the sunroof was out of sync. You would think that whenever the engine is taken apart the oil would be changed and checked for proper level. Other M-B dealerships here in NJ had quoted me over two months wait to get an appointment basically discouraging me from not going back to my original dealership. Phone complaints to MBUSA were no help. Before considering a Mercedes-Benz do you homework regarding the service dept.. Contact the local BBB and make anonyomous calls to the dealer for appointments etc... Lets face it, no matter what brand of vehicle you choose or how much you like your vehicle, good service is the most important part of the experience.
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who to contact

1800 FOR-MERCedes is the number you need to call
I wrote Mercedes Canada, Mercedes U.S.A and Mercedes Germany in German, about my transmission failure, I wrote the CEO and Presidents they do no give a shit they will not do anything about some one being rude to you get used to it i own there cars and they are like that to me !
I agree

I agree with you guys.... totally!!!
GREAT CARS.... VERY BAD customer service!!!

I don't think I'll buy another Mercedes...
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