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Drivers Seat Positioning - Changes every time the vehicle is turned off

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I just received a 2019 E450 Coupe AWD two days ago. It was shipped across the USA from NY to CA. The very first thing I did with the car was to set the memory for my seat settings. Every single time I turn off the car the drivers seat returns to some contorted position, fit for a Hobbit! WTH? I'm 6ft tall, just shy of 300# (I lift weights every day) and cannot deal with being squeezed into a skrunched up seating position! Can someone share how I change the settings so my seat STAYS in memory position #1? I'm literally amazed that there is even a setting to CHANGE the last used seating position to something surely unwanted, every time the vehice is shut off. Thank you!
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Be sure you’re storing the seat memory properly. You probably are, but just in case…
An online owners manual I found
specifically says on page 102 to press the memory button M together with one of the memory buttons. And an audible sound should confirm it was saved. Other cars don’t require the M plus a memory button simultaneously.
Ok. But easy exit entry moves the seat backwards, steering wheel upwards to allow more room to get out / in. This feature shouldn’t make it hobbit sized?
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